A World Restored / Book Cover Design

A few weeks ago a beautiful powerhouse friend released her first book and I had the privilege of doing the cover art work. She had a vision for what she wanted so I drew up some sketches and we worked together tweaking the final details until we felt it was just right. If was a bit of a process as I often find that doing art with God can take longer than I plan but I have learned to trust the process and my sensitivity to Him as I add to an artwork. There are many times even with this book cover where I sat down and couldn't get anywhere with it and then there were other times where God's inspiration flowed and I'd have a big part done rather quickly and I knew that's exactly what it was meant to look like. Thankfully God honours deadlines and we got it done in time to send to the editor for printing.

The book is called A World Restored and you can find it on Amazon here. I haven't yet gotten to read it myself but Kimberly walked me through it section by section to get a feel of the book and it is definitely going to be a good read. You can also check out her website here.

Just figured I would share a few pictures of the process. They aren't set up nicely and are a bit messy but I barely took any while I worked on it so these will have to do. As per my usual style these days you will see some hidden words amongst the details if you look closely. To see the final cover you will have to look on the Amazon page :)

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