A Gardener's Daughter Testimonies

One of the best things about having my Etsy shop is that I have people purchasing my art work for incredible reasons. I love to make art but love it even more when it can encourage someone on a deep level. When you create with God there is always a message attached and my prints are full of messages and truth that isn't from my heart or mind but from His.

The first order I ever had at A Gardeners Daughter shop was one of my lungs prints. The lungs is one of my favourites because it is full of words and songs that God was speaking to and singing over me personally about speaking out and using my voice even though it is not the loudest or clearest. Everytime I look at it I am reminded that it is His breath in my lungs and that even though my voice may be merely a whisper it is strong and powerful. After I sent the order out and let them know it was on the way the customer replied saying they bought the print to give as a gift to someone who had just had a lung transplant. They wanted them to be able to read it and be encouraged in their recovery. I mean, hello! Knowing my art is being used like that makes heart soar to the moon and back.

Another person bought a lion print to give to their brother because he had just had a back surgery!

I know there are two brain prints hanging in psychologists offices. How great is it that there is something to look at while waiting in their offices that reminds you that your mind can be renewed and your broken places healed.

One more story is that one person ordered a crown to give to a younger girl she had been mentoring. She said that as she talked to the girl she would always try to encourage her with the truth that when you become a child of God you become royalty. When she came across my Etsy page she saw the crown print as the perfect gift for the girls baptism.

Leaf Print. New Listing On Etsy

The leaf print started with God speaking about renewal and refreshing and about his care for us. He breathed into him the breath of life/ Renewed/ When I speak the weary places will sprout. From there it turned into how refreshing should lead to praise and that as you worship you will become filled with love and fervency. Because your steadfast love is better than life my lips will praise you (one of my favourites)/ You will be fervent, zealous, and passionate.   

What I love most about this is that it is a beautiful circle. Refreshing will lead to praise which will grow passion for God with will in turn be refreshing because God's desire is to fill us. 

So this is really a word for anyone but especially for you if you feel weary and in need of an encouraging pick me up. God will meet you. He will water you and bring life again to your wilted leaves if you give Him the opportunity. You are loved. You are cared for and you are wonderful. 

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