Hi. I’m Jillian Lewis. Artist at A Gardener's Daughter and missionary in Cape Town, South Africa. 

I am a Canadian living in beautiful Cape Town with my husband Jason and our little boys Ira, Shepherd, and Wells. 5 years ago we moved from our home in Nova Scotia to volunteer at a ministry called Bethesda House. It is a place focused on using creative outlets to encourage and uplift people and the community. It’s perfect for us as we have a love for all things creative and are able to use our passions of music and art for the kingdom of God. There is a lot more to Bethesda than just creativity so check out the Bethesda page for more info if you are interested. 

I had been wanting for a long time to start an online store to sell prints of my art work and I knew that I needed to just do it or it would likely not happen. One of the first things though was to decide on a name and that for me was difficult. I didn't want it to be my name but it had to represent me and be easy to remember. 

One day while I was sitting on our couch nursing Ira and I looked across at the once lovely flowers on our table. What use to be gorgeous proteas had dried up leaving them looking rather uncared for and I thought to myself, "even a gardeners daughter can't keep the flowers alive." And then I stopped. A gardeners daughter, I like that. I grew up in a greenhouse daily running among the pansies and geraniums as my dad is a landscaper and my family ran a greenhouse business. I literally am a gardener's daughter. (I really had the nicest childhood) Unlike the proteas I can keep plants alive and well even if I didn't inherit my mother's perfectly green thumb. But to go deeper, God. (Just God. Full stop right. He is amazing.) Through the past few years God has frequently spoken to me in flowers. Not necessity literally but in His kindness and beauty he often uses plants and gardens to teach me and show me Himself. 

He is the true Gardener of my heart and I am most definitely His beloved daughter. 

So that's the name. A Gardeners Daughter. I am sure not many women get the privilege of being the daughter of two amazing gardeners. 

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