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It's been a while but I finally have a new print in my Etsy shop and it is one I have wanted to do for a long time. You can find it here. I love maps so I have always wanted to do a print of a world map and this is the first one. I have a few ideas for another design with different meaning as well so we will see when I get to do that one. Probably someday when my heart is filled with wanderlust and I want to pack our family up and meander the streets of Europe. 

Lately I have been finding that I start a design with an idea from God and a few verses that often don't seem like they connect at first but I know that they are meant to be part of it. This one was similar but as I sought God for more words and verses to fill the shape I saw the story He was painting. I started with the truth that He will go with you wherever you go and give you guidance there. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you with my eye upon you. (Psalm 32:8) Then I also felt to include verses about peace and the omnipresence of God so I started on the left with peace. (I didn't plan on putting them in Canada but its appropriate considering Canada is a nation of peace makers!) Peace in knowing that God is with you, that He upholds you in His righteous right hand, and that He is King on the throne. Then there are lots of verses about how His plans for you are for good, that He will help you, and that He will show you the path to take. You shall have no difficulty in finding the way if you watch Me. Lastly on the right there are verses about how He is always there for you, that there is no where you can go from His presence, and that you are loved. Where shall I go from your spirit. Where shall I flee from your presence? Even there your hand shall lead and hold me... for you know me. (Psalm 139, in my own words)

I don't usually write those things out but I guess I was suppose to for this one. Those are the main points but there is so much more in the details of this print that you will have to look for yourself. I think there is a special truth in there for each one of you so check it out. 

Be at peace knowing that He is with you wherever you go and that His plans for you are good.

Love Jill

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