Maritime Beach, We Love You

The first week and half in Canada was blissfully warm. You never know what the weather will be in the maritimes in September but thankfully we had warm sunny days and were again reminded of the wonder that is Antigonish in the summer time. We love the laid-back, soaking in the sun, ease that is there before the leaves change their colours. 

One afternoon, when we probably should have been doing work, the sun was just too warm for us to ignore so we listened to its beckoning and went to the beach. It is not the prettiest beach but it is close and quiet. Perfection. We laid out our blanket, put up our sun umbrella, and lounged like the best of them. Ira got to put his feet in the water of the coast he was born on for the first time and had his first lesson on throwing rocks in the ocean. You know, important little boy things. 

Canadian Maritimes we really do love you. Thank you for being such a nice place to call one of our homes. 

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