Pregnant Woman Print. New Listing on Etsy!

The pregnant woman print is probably my favourite one but that could be because it it very applicable to my life at the moment as I just had my second baby. The original design for this print was one I did personally for myself as I meditated of the truths and scriptures I used as prep and encouragement for labour. I now have it hanging on the wall by my babies changing table and he looks at it every time I change his nappy. Since the one I did for myself was my own silhouette I figured I should better do one in a more generic mama shape so other women could use it as prep for labour too. 

It has a lot of scriptures that God showed me as I readied to have each child as well as birth affirmations and things I wanted to remember. I think the main scripture verse for me this time was Proverbs 31:25. Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the time to come. Birth is such a vulnerable time but not in the negative way the world views vulnerability. It is a beautiful vulnerability and in that God kept speaking to me that I am strong and dignified. 

I also love the detail of the subtle crown on her head. When I was creating mine God kept speaking to me that I was His royal daughter and I felt to wrap the vine around in the shape of a crown. I love it. I love creating with God because that was not a detail I would have thought of on my own but it is one of my favourite parts. 

If this print is for you or someone you know head over to my Etsy store HERE and get yourself a copy. It will be wrapped and sent from Cape Town with all the love. 

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