Petting Zoo With Our Little Monkey

Ira is starting to really notice animals so we took him to the petting zoo to see how he would react to all the furry little creatures. A couple of weeks ago he started "barking" every time he heard a dog outside. Now every time he sees an animal he goes, "Ra!" Even if its a cartoon in the pages of a book he points and makes sure to let you know he sees it. We think it's the cutest. Of all the cute little animals he pointed the most at the turtles haha but I also think he liked the bunnies and was pretty happy to get to touch them. The bunnies were my favourite too. There we a lot of babies and babies of almost any animal are cute and I just want to keep them all. They wouldn't have noticed if I snuck one out in my pocket, right? 

We have been on break for a little over 2 weeks and it has been wonderful. In Cape Town everything shuts down over the holiday because it is summer break as well as Christmas. There are people everywhere here because Muizenberg is such a holiday destination and they have all come for their own little piece of sand and sun. We have been using the time to tackle the to do list of things that get pushed aside when we get busy with work and parenting. Lots of little projects and extra cleaning and walks with Ira. I have cleaned out and reorganized drawers and binders and notes and all the things that were getting cluttered and hectic and my brain feels so much better now. It has definitely helped me feel like I am ready to enter the new year where as a few weeks ago I felt like there was so much to do and so much in my head just swirling around. Needless to say the break has been oh so good and we still have a few weeks left of it. My parents get here a week from today which is the most exciting thing and then we will get to do many of the beautiful touristy things around Cape Town. It is going to be so good! 

Merry Christmas! 

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