Walks. Kalk Bay

Jason and I love going for walks. I mean we live in Cape Town so if you don’t go outside and enjoy the natural beauty you are really missing out. We try to go out for a walk everyday with Ira as long as it isn’t too windy or wet and he is starting to enjoy going out in his stroller more and more. Plop him in there with a teddy, currently his favourite is his turtle, and off we go. One of our favourite walks is in Kalk Bay, the next town over from Muizenberg. There is a big pier that is always full of people fishing, walking, and chatting and as long as the sun is out it is warm and bright. I think I could pack a picnic and easily sit there all day staring at the ocean and surrounding mountains. Last time we went there were even a few whales in the bay! That’s my favourite. Here are a few little pictures we took while Ira napped the day away. Don't you wish you could nap in  a stroller while being pushed leisurely by the ocean. He has the life. 

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